Does RAC Car Insurance Include Breakdown?

We offer car breakdown cover , as well as cover for electric and hybrid vehicles, motorbikes and more. There are different levels of cover to choose from. Most providers only offer roadside assistance as standard. But at the RAC, we include Roadside Assistance and At Home cover with every cover level.

Is RAC breakdown free?

When you buy a vehicle from one of our RAC Approved or warranty dealers, we’ll give you 12 months FREE breakdown cover*.

Can I add breakdown cover to My RAC insurance?

Q. Can I add RAC Breakdown cover to my temporary car insurance policy? Yes, you can add short term breakdown to cover you for the duration of your policy.

What is covered with RAC?

If you have Standard or Unlimited cover, you’ll be covered for Roadside Assistance and At Home, and a 10-mile tow for the first 24 hours After 24 hours, your full cover will start (excluding some of our breakdown extras, if you have them). If you’ve already broken down but you don’t have cover, don’t buy online.

How do you know if you have breakdown cover?

If you’re not sure whether you have breakdown cover, it’s worth checking your records before you buy. This includes your emails and hard-copy documents. You can also call a provider to see if you’re covered.

How do I activate my RAC breakdown cover?

Go to and click on ‘Breakdown and Membership’ and then ‘Register’ To register your account, you’ll need: The email address registered to your membership. Your membership number, which you can find on your membership documents.

Does RAC breakdown cover flat TYRE?

If your tyre fails to inflate when you’re inflating it, it could be too damaged. If this is the case, use your spare tyre or call RAC breakdown assistance and one of our patrols can help you out.

Which is better AA or RAC?

The RAC aim to reach their customers in 40 minutes while the AA doesn’t quote an average response time. The RAC have the highest number of patrols per member while the AA have the highest number in total.

Do RAC do parts and garage cover?

With Garage and Parts cover, you’re covered for mechanical and electrical parts that suddenly fail and cause a breakdown (not general wear and tear) for your chosen vehicle.

What’s the difference between personal and vehicle breakdown cover?

What is the difference between personal and vehicle breakdown cover? Personal breakdown cover applies to an individual, whatever car they use, while vehicle cover applies only to the specified car, or cars, on a policy They each have their benefits and the best type of cover for you will depend on your driving habits.

Does breakdown cover include repairs?

In most cases, it will only cover any repairs made by the breakdown mechanic at the scene If you do add extra cover to include the cost of parts and garage repairs, there will usually be a maximum amount that the breakdown provider will permit so you would have to pay for anything over this limit.

Does RAC breakdown cover older cars?

Q. Is there any age restriction on vehicles you will cover? No, we cover vehicles of all ages The only exception is our Battery Replace breakdown extra product which is only available to purchase on vehicles less than 15 years old and with mileage less that 150,000.

Is RAC car warranty any good?

Customer satisfaction: We’re proud to be rated “Excellent” by our customers across the UK based on thousands of impartial Trustpilot reviews (4.9 out of 5, November 2019) Awards and recommendations: RAC Warranty supplied by ALA is recommended by What Car?, Autocar and JCB.

Do RAC charge for callouts?

You’ll become an RAC member and get assistance on the same day. Included in the fee you’ll pay is an emergency call-out charge which covers you for assistance at the roadside or at home for that day and a 12 month PAYG membership.

What do I do if I don’t have breakdown cover?

If you have an emergency breakdown and no cover, you can call a breakdown provider to get cover and immediate assistance, contact a nearby garage, or use an emergency phone if you’re on a major road However, these can all be expensive options.

Does comprehensive insurance cover breakdown?

While comprehensive cover may provide everything you need, bear in mind that there are additional features and benefits that may not be included with your policy including breakdown cover , legal cover or courtesy cars.

What does a 12 month RAC warranty cover?

As an RAC Dealer, we are proud to offer 12 months Complimentary RAC Membership with every warranty. This membership covers the vehicle for Roadside Assistance & Vehicle Recovery 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Will the RAC jump start my car?

We’ll fit a high-quality battery with up to 5 years warranty, and under our price match guarantee. If your existing battery is in good shape, we’ll jump start your car and have you back on the road in no time.

Is a clutch covered under RAC warranty?

Gearbox All internal parts are covered Clutch Centre plate, pressure plate, clutch fork/arm, master cylinder, slave cylinder; excluding damage due to wear and tear and burnt- out parts. Differential and Drive System (front/rear) All internal parts are covered.