How Do I Check If I Have Breakdown Cover?

If you’re not sure whether you have breakdown cover, it’s worth checking your records before you buy. This includes your emails and hard-copy documents. You can also call a provider to see if you’re covered

Can I get breakdown cover if I have already broken down?

Can you buy breakdown cover after breaking down? You can’t buy breakdown cover online if you’ve already broken down However, you can phone a breakdown provider and get immediate emergency cover after breaking down. They will then send someone to repair or tow your car, but this will come at an extra cost.

What’s the difference between personal and vehicle breakdown cover?

What is the difference between personal and vehicle breakdown cover? Personal breakdown cover applies to an individual, whatever car they use, while vehicle cover applies only to the specified car, or cars, on a policy They each have their benefits and the best type of cover for you will depend on your driving habits.

Does Admiral use the AA?

ADMIRAL IN STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP The AA is pleased to announce the award of a new 3-year contract with Admiral through which it will offer aa roadside assistance to Admiral’s 4.3 million UK motor insurance customers across a stable of brands.

Does the RAC cover the person or the car?

personal-based membership covers you as the driver or passenger in any eligible vehicle Therefore if you’re in a vehicle when it breaks down, you can call RAC for assistance even if you’re not driving it at the time. * Non-commercial vehicles only, excluding certain vehicle types.

Does green flag cover cars over 10 years old?

Personal cover applies to vehicles that are no more than 15 years old.

How do I find my AA membership number?

If you’re an AA Member, you’ll need your membership number. This 16 digit number can be found on the back of your membership card, or on your policy documents If you have AA insurance, you’ll need your policy number. This can be found on your policy documents.

Can you call the AA if your not a member?

We’ll come and rescue you, even if you’re not a Member yet If you’re already with us, you can also report a breakdown and pinpoint your location using our app. It’s the fastest way to ask us for help and track our arrival.

Can I add breakdown cover to my car insurance?

Yes, you can. Some car insurance providers allow you to buy breakdown cover as an added extra You may find that they only offer basic breakdown cover, and you need to pay extra to upgrade. Before you buy breakdown cover, you should check that it’s not already included with your car insurance.

Who does Admiral use for breakdown?

First off, the AA has been awarded a new three-year contract which will see it offer breakdown assistance to Admiral’s 4.3 million motor insurance customers in the UK. “A strong endorsement of our strategy,” was how AA chief executive Simon Breakwell described the significant deal.

Does using breakdown cover affect no claims?

Will breakdown cover affect my no-claims bonus? No, having breakdown cover won’t affect your no claims bonus.

Does comprehensive insurance cover breakdown?

While comprehensive cover may provide everything you need, bear in mind that there are additional features and benefits that may not be included with your policy including breakdown cover , legal cover or courtesy cars.

How do I activate my RAC breakdown cover?

Go to and click on ‘Breakdown and Membership’ and then ‘Register’ To register your account, you’ll need: The email address registered to your membership. Your membership number, which you can find on your membership documents.

Which is better AA or RAC?

The RAC aim to reach their customers in 40 minutes while the AA doesn’t quote an average response time. The RAC have the highest number of patrols per member while the AA have the highest number in total.

Will RAC come out for flat TYRE?

If your tyre fails to inflate when you’re inflating it, it could be too damaged. If this is the case, use your spare tyre or call RAC breakdown assistance and one of our patrols can help you out.

Is Green Flag better than RAC?

On Trustpilot, RAC Breakdown Cover has a 4.3 out of 5 score; the AA scores 4.4/5 and Green Flag also scored 4.4 Car magazine Auto Express put together a ranking of breakdown cover providers, based on readers’ experiences, which you can read here. It put Green Flag in 2rd place, RAC in 4th place and AA in 5th.

Does Green Flag automatically renew?

What do I need to do when it’s time to renew my policy? If you’re an automatic renewal customer and happy with your policy and the service you receive, there’s no need to do anything. Your policy will be automatically renewed for another 12 months at the end of the policy term.

Does Green Flag cover flat battery?

This can show whether a battery has gone flat because you might have left the lights on, whether it needs a boost (more on that later), or if the battery is unserviceable and needs replacing. If this tester is used, Green Flag gives customers a print-out of the test results for peace of mind.