How Do I Claim My Compare The Market Meerkat?

By making a qualifying purchase through Compare the Market you can claim a whole year of rewards. For details on how to claim and for full terms and conditions, please visit their website.

How do I claim my Compare the Market?

By making a qualifying purchase through Compare the Market you can claim a whole year of rewards. For details on how to claim and for full terms and conditions, please visit their website.

Where do I find my Meerkat membership number?

To get to your meerkat meals membership screen, tap on ‘Rewards’ at the bottom of the app, select ‘Meerkat Meals’ and then tap the golden button in the top right-hand corner, select the amount of diners and your membership number will appear.

Do you still get a free meerkat with Compare the Market?

The price comparison website has had success offering free meerkat mascots to new customers as a means of driving footfall and retention, but after seven years it is retiring the scheme.

How do I claim my Meerkat Meals?

To redeem Meerkat Meals when dining out, you will need to show the membership card screen or qr code in the app To get to your code, simply click on ‘Rewards’ at the bottom of the app, then the ‘Meals’ tile, then click the gold button at the top of the Meals Homepage).

WHAT IS A meerkat code?

Your Meerkat Movies code can be used once a week, for film showings on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Each weekly code gives you one free ticket per week – when you buy a paid-for ticket – at participating cinemas The cheapest ticket is free. Your 2 for 1 is available for standard tickets and screenings.

Can I use my Meerkat Movies code online?

You can use the code to book in cinema and online You can use the code from 1am on a Thursday for a screening on the following Tuesday or Wednesday (advertised start time must be from 00:01 on Tuesday and before midnight on Wednesday).

How do you use the Meerkat app?

Launch the app and sign-in. To claim your rewards, go to ‘Your Account’ and select ‘Your Rewards’ Use your one-day travel insurance policy number to set up your rewards. This will take a few seconds. To claim your Meerkat deal, search for a list of restaurants on the app.

Can you use Meerkat movies and meals on the same day?

No. Regardless of how many times you’ve used your Meerkat Meals membership, you can still use your Meerkat Movies membership every week 2 for 1 offer on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.

Is Pizza Hut on Meerkat meals?

CAN YOU USE MEERKAT MEALS ON PIZZA HUT BUFFET. You’ve saved on your insurance quote – so that means you can save at Pizza Hut Restaurants! We’re part of the Meerkat Meals 2 for 1 offer for comparethemarket customers.

How do you claim a Meerkat toy?

Under the scheme, called Simples Rewards, all customers who have bought car, van, home or pet insurance through from 4 th July are eligible to claim a meerkat toy by logging on to*.

How do I get a Meerkat code?

Download the Meerkat Movies app or visit Set up or log in to your account to activate your membership and claim your voucher code Get your voucher code – you have one voucher code to use every Tuesday or Wednesday at any ODEON cinema.

How do I claim Oleg toy?

How do I claim my Limited Editions Sleepy Oleg Toy? To have qualified for a Limited Editions Sleepy Oleg Toy, you would have needed to have made a qualifying purchase via between 00:01 on 4th September 2020 and 23:59 on 14th December 2020 and claimed this by 23:59 on 24 th December.

Can you use Meerkat meals at Toby Carvery?

Meerkat Meals members can now enjoy 25%* off the entire bill, Monday – Wednesday at Toby Carvery, Harvester and more.

Can someone else use my Meerkat meals?

Can I share my Meerkat Meals and Meerkat Movies membership with others? This offer’s exclusive to you as a Compare the Market customer so you can take out your friends and family. The reward is just for you. Someone else can’t use it instead of you – you’ll have to be there.

How do I use my cineworld Meerkat code?

  • Click on ‘add a promo code’
  • Enter your Meerkat Movies code.
  • You will then need to select your tickets.
  • Why is my Meerkat Movies not working?

    Make sure you are on the latest version of the Meerkat App You can do this in the App Store or Google Play Store. If your app has been updated but still doesn’t show your Meerkat Meals and Meerkat Movies membership, just delete it and reinstall it.

    How do I claim my rewards from confused com?

  • Once you’ve bought car, home or van insurance, go to your account and select Rewards.
  • Choose your reward, then fill in and submit the claim form within 40 days of getting your quote and buying your policy.
  • Can you use Meerkat Movies with Cineworld Unlimited?

    If you’re an Unlimited card holder, don’t worry, Meerkat Movies works the same as it did with EE Wednesdays, only this time you have two days a week in which to visit your local Cineworld and get two tickets for the price of one. Read more on the Meerkat Movies page.

    Do Frankie and Bennys accept Meerkat meals?

    Please note that since the pandemic, lots of restaurants no longer participate in the Meerkat Meals scheme , including Frankie & Benny’s, Giraffe, Ask Italian, Zizzi, Handmade Burger Co and Strada.

    How do you use Meerkat movies at Picture House?

    To become a Meerkat Movies member, all you need to do is make a qualifying purchase through Compare the Market and visit to activate your membership*. Then simply download and log into the Meerkat app or visit to reveal your 2-for-1 code.

    Can you use Meerkat Meals on bank holidays?

    When can I use Meerkat Meals? When dining out you can use your membership at any time of the day, as many times as you like, on various days of the week at participating restaurants.

    Can you use Meerkat Movies for more than 2 tickets?

    well, there is no limit to the number of people that can use meerkat movies However, you will need to register as members via the Meerkat Movie website. Once you’ve registered you will be able to get 2-for-1 cinema tickets via your account each week.

    Do you get a Meerkat with car insurance?

    You purchase any of the following insurance – car, van, bike, caravan, taxi, motorhome, home, pet, life, health, over 50’s, income protection, landlord, business or travel insurance. OR you switch any of the following – broadband, home telephone, digital TV, or domestic energy (gas and/or electric).

    Can you use Meerkat at showcase?

    * Meerkat Movies cannot be used for screenings in Director’s Hall or IMAX, Gallery seating and Event Cinema screenings Appropriate upcharges are payable on 3D and / or XLR and XPlus screenings, even on the “free” ticket**. It is not currently possible to redeem Meerkat Movies codes on the Showcase mobile app.

    Is there a phone number for Compare the Market?

    By phone – 0800 0234567.

    Can you use Meerkat meals at Beefeater?

    Plus, with a whole range of tasty and nutritious kids’ dishes, we’re the perfect choice for family meals. Whatever the occasion, celebrate it with Beefeater. Beefeater advertised they are now accepting 2 for 1 Meerkat meal offer.

    What is CEA card?

    About the CEA Card The Card enables a disabled cinema guest to receive a complimentary ticket for someone to go with them when they visit a participating cinema The Card is also one way for cinemas to make sure they look after their disabled guests.

    Can you use meerkat codes at ODEON?

    These ODEON terms and conditions supplement the Meerkat Movies 241 offer, by setting out how you can use your Meerkat Movies 241 code at an ODEON cinema. You can use the code at all ODEON cinemas in the UK other than BFI IMAX and Islington You can use the code to book in cinema and online.

    How do you access cineworld meerkat Movies?

    Alternatively, where online booking is available, customers may be able to book their tickets online at Please note that online customers must select a minimum of two tickets on the booking page and enter the Meerkat Movies code on the ticket booking page where indicated.

    How do I update my Meerkat?

    Check for updates Tap ‘Update’ on the Meerkat Movies app if that is showing as needing to be updated If you’re using an Android, open the Google Play Store app > tap the profile icon and the top right > tap Manage Apps & Devices, apps with an update available are labelled ‘Update Available’.

    How many times can I use Meerkat Meals?

    You’re able to eat out as many times as you like for all meals from Sunday to Thursday for a whole year You get 2 for 1 on equivalent starters, mains and desserts (cheapest free) at thousands of participating restaurants across the UK. You are only able to access the Meerkat Meals membership number via the app.

    How do I use my Blue Light Card at Dominos online?

    If you decide to order your Domino’s online for delivery, discounts vary. You will need to check the Blue Light Card app or the main website to see the current offers. Here, you will also find the code that you will need to enter at the checkout Generally, you can find anything from 20%-50% off, with sides included.

    Is compare the market the same as Compare the Meerkat?

    On 3 July 2018, the newly renamed comparethemarket (formerly revealed Meerkat Meals which offers customers two-for-one meals at some restaurants around the UK.

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