How Many Customers Does GoCompare Have?

Is GoCompare listed?

GoCompare is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is in the process of being taken over by media company Future plc.

Can you delete GoCompare account?

It may take up to five working days for your request to be fully processed. Alternatively, you can email us at [email protected] or write to us at the address below and ask for your details to be removed.

Where is go compare based?

GoCompare was launched by a team of insurance experts in November 2006. We’ve been based since the start in Newport, South Wales , and we were the first comparison site to focus on product features rather than just listing the prices.

How much did Go Compare sell for?

The magazine publisher Future has agreed a £594m package to buy the proce comparison website GoCompare. The takeover is set to net insurance tycoon Sir Peter Wood another hefty windfall.

Which is better Compare the Market or MoneySuperMarket?

Verdict. In truth there’s little to choose between the top players, with each returning near-identical quotes. But previous winner Compare the Market holds on to top spot thanks to its handy explainers – ahead of Confused and MoneySuperMarket.

How many customers do esure have?

About Esure Esure Group plc is a personal lines insurance company that offers home, car, multi-car, and travel insurance products to approximately 2.35 million customers and more than 1.8 million car customers.

Who are Sheilas Wheels owned by?

The owner of this site is esure Services Limited.

Is listed building insurance more expensive?

Listed buildings do tend to be more expensive to insure on average , but as with every insurance policy, the exact cost of any policy depends on the value of the property being insured.

How long do insurance quotes last GoCompare?

How long is my quote valid for? Some insurers use ‘real-time’ pricing and others will honour the price they offer for anywhere between 10 and 30 days When you get quotes with us, we can’t guarantee you’ll get the same price if you come back later so your quote could go up. Insurers can change their prices at any time.

What is free GoCompare excess cover?

Free Excess Cover will be automatically awarded to all Eligible Customers who GoCompare is able to verify have purchased a Qualifying Car Insurance Policy at any time during the Qualifying Period.

How do you get in touch with GoCompare?

Connect with a member of the Gocompare customer service team by calling 01633 654060.

Who is the GoCompare singer?

Operatic tenor and GoCompare expert His name is gio compario and he’s an opera singer from Italy, currently living in Wales. He knows everything there is to know about GoCompare. Played by Welsh opera tenor Wynne Evans, Gio first appeared on our TV screens in GoCompare’s 2009 TV advert, set in a coffee shop.

When did go compare adverts start?

When did Wynne become the Go Compare man? Wynne has been on the Go Compare adverts since 2009 His character is the flamboyant opera singer Gio Compario.

Who sponsors family fortunes?

Viewers will be able to win a range of prizes if they can solve the Family Fortunes survey questions over the course of its four-week run. Comparison site GoCompare is kicking off its sponsorship of ITV’s Family Fortunes with a campaign developed by media agency Hearts & Science UK and creative agency Drum.

How is Hayley Parsons successful?

Hayley quit her job at in 2006 with a plan to set up her own, better, price comparison site. It was an ambition driven partly by a lifelong desire to work for herself and the belief that she could deliver improved results for customers through a more sophisticated site.