How Much Is CarShield A Month?

CarShield offers lower costs than some major competitors according to our secret shopper research, with prices ranging from about $89 to $130 per month You can purchase a warranty with a set term or a month-to-month contract.

How much does CarShield cost on average?

On average, CarShield costs between $99.99 and $129.99 per month What you pay depends on the type of plan you want and your vehicle condition. CarShield offers limited and unlimited terms with affordable payments compared to other extended auto warranty providers.

Is CarShield worth buying?

No, CarShield is not a scam or a rip-off, but it is a below-average company carshield is a legitimate company that has been providing vehicle service contracts for over 16 years and has earned a 4/5 rating from the consumer review on WalletHub, yet it has a history of complaints reported to the better business bureau.

Does CarShield have a deductible?

Yes, CarShield does have a deductible in most situations Deductibles for CarShield vehicle service plans range from $0 to $100, though only certain plans allow for a $0 deductible, such as the Platinum and Diamond level plans. Deductibles of $25 and $50 are also available.

What does CarShield actually cover?

Typically, auto insurance covers only collision or accidental damage to your vehicle—such as a car crash, fire, or vandalism. A CarShield service contract covers the mechanical parts of your vehicle Most auto insurance policies do not cover mechanical breakdowns, unless they are the direct result of an auto accident.

What is better than CarShield?

What company is better than CarShield? In our review of the best extended car warranty companies, we name Endurance as our top pick for best coverage. CARCHEX and Protect My Car also rank higher than CarShield in our review based on customer service, reputation, coverage and cost.

How long does CarShield last?

CarShield has a maximum payment schedule of 24 months , so you have a full two years to pay off your extended auto warranty. If you choose a month-to-month plan, your payments will last the entirety of your coverage, though.

What is the mileage limit for CarShield?

Does CarShield have a mileage limit? CarShield can cover vehicles for up to 300,000 miles This is more than many other third-party providers, and it makes CarShield a good option for cars with over 100K miles.

Does CarShield cover timing chain?

ENGINE: All internally lubricated parts including: crankshaft, rod and main bearings, camshaft, cam bearings, connecting rods, wrist pins, pistons, piston rings, valves and replaceable valve guides, valve retainers, hydraulic or solid lash adjusters, rocker arms, push rods, cam followers, timing chains and gears ,.

Will CarShield replace a engine?

CarShield pays for repairs to the mechanical parts of your vehicle. Most CarShield protection plans will cover engines, transmissions, drive axles, water pumps, and transfer cases (a metal casing that delivers power in four-wheel-drive).

Does CarShield cover electrical problems?

This vehicle service contract is great for covering most electrical and computer related problems including Engine Control Module, Starter, Alternator, Navigation/GPS, Electrical System & more.

Does CarShield cover catalytic converters?

It also covers any repairs that are needed for vehicles that have had their catalytic converter removed This can include anything from the engine to transmission or air conditioning.

How good is CarShield reviews?

In our study of extended car warranty companies, CarShield earned a score of 4.2 out of 5.0 stars and was recognized for offering the “Best Value” in 2022. This plan is similar to a manufacturer’s warranty on a new car.

Does CarShield cover head gasket?

Notes: Only Carshield’s highest cost, lowest mile policy covers the head gasket However, Carshield sells the policies of American Auto Shield. We recommend you take some time to look into American Auto Shield before choosing a policy with Carshield so you’ll be prepared to call them.

Who owns the company CarShield?

CarShield’s CEO, Mark Travis , has 12 employee ratings and a score of 38/100, placing them in the Bottom 5% of similar size companies on Comparably with 51-200 Employees.