Is Endsleigh Only For Students?

Is Endsleigh just for students? As the No. 1 student insurance provider in the UK and the only one recommended by NUS, we’re experts in creating flexible insurance policies that are built around the lives of our customers. But that doesn’t mean we’re just for students!

Do you have to pay for Endsleigh?

There is no fee for payment by credit or debit card , however we do not accept American Express. Alternatively, you have the option of setting up a Direct Debit* through our third party finance provider Premium Credit Limited (PCL).

What does Endsleigh cover?

An Endsleigh discount to help you on your way. Cover for theft, accidental damage (including liquid damage and cracked screens) and mechanical breakdown.

Who is Endsleigh regulated by?

We are regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under reference number 304295.

What is my Endsleigh?

My Endsleigh is the must-have student app focused on student insurance, protecting and saving with student-friendly products and free student wellbeing services.

Does Endsleigh use black box?

Depending on your car, we’ll either send you a self-fit black box or arrange to have your black box professionally installed You can also track your driving score at any time via the Endsleigh Loop app.

How do I cancel my Endsleigh policy?

If you are an Endsleigh gadget insurance customer, yes you can. If your policy is claim free you can cancel your cover at any time during the policy year. If you need to cancel your possessions policy, we will need to speak to you – please speak to us on Live Chat or call us on 0333 234 1552.

How do I delete my Endsleigh account?

You cancel your Endsleigh insurance policy by simply contacting their Customer Service team over the phone To voice your concerns or raise a complaint, simply call 0333 234 1558 from your phone.

What happens if I remove my black box?

The insurance provider will simply deactivate the black box so it no longer records your driving The deactivated box won’t affect your driving or the working of your car.

How do you avoid black box insurance?

  1. Increase your excess
  2. Insurance groups
  3. Add an experienced named driver
  4. Get additional qualifications
  5. Compare prices
  6. Provide accurate details
  7. Alarm, dashcam and no modifications.

Can I get my black box removed?

Can you remove my black box for me? Absolutely. However, as removing a telematics device isn’t essential, this won’t be included in your policy. If you’re certain you’d like your device removed from your car, we can arrange for an engineer to remove it for you at an extra cost.