What Does Drive Safe And Save Look For?

Braking – Driving at a safe speed is as essential as keeping a good distance between your car and the one in front of you. Drive Safe and save monitors how quickly you brake and rewards you for braking slowly , proving you kept a safe distance, rather than braking quickly to avoid a collision.

What is a good drive safe and save score?

Drive Safe & Save can reduce up to a third of your premium, but you’ll have to drive very, very cautiously to obtain that much discount. Unless you’re a very safe or occasional driver, the more likely scenario is you’ll save somewhere around 10% to 15% , and even then you’ll need to drive carefully.

Does the drive safe and save app use data?

The State Farm Drive Safe & Save program uses driving data , either from an app and a beacon bluetooth device or from OnStar, to gauge your performance as a driver and award discounts for safe habits. You can enroll in State Farm Drive Safe & Save at no additional cost to yourself; the program is completely free.

Does Drive Safe and Save drain battery?

Plug-ins do not require that an app on your phone be running at all times when you drive, and for some people can feel less invasive. It also will not run down the battery on your phone; although the website claims that there’s little battery drain , any app running in the background will still use up power.

Can drive Safe and Save hurt you?

Overall, it doesn’t hurt , and might very well help. You can also check with your insurance company to see if they have a telematics program, like Drive Safe & Save from State Farm. These usage based car insurance programs record how you drive and the miles you drive.

What is a good driving score?

What’s a good score? Scores of 50 or higher can be considered good scores and may qualify you for auto insurance discounts.

Are safe driving apps worth it?

If you use an app from your car insurance company that tracks your driving habits, you certainly could reduce your costs by avoiding things like speeding, hard braking and distracted driving (such as phone use). Savings vary by company, and they only result if you maintain their safety requirements.

Can I put drive safe and save beacon in glove box?

If you are using a four-wheeled vehicle, we recommend that you place it in the glove compartment preferably or in any other place where it can remain undamaged and without risk of misplacing it. If you use a two-wheeler, we recommend that you place it under the saddle.

What does State Farm Beacon record?

The beacon will record your total mileage The less you drive, the less potential there is for an accident, and consequently you’ll receive more of a discount. The beacon will also determine your acceleration, braking, and cornering habits, as well as your speed and phone use.

What does the Steer Clear app track?

The Steer Clear app is available for download on iOS and Android, or users can text STEER to 78836 to get a link. Overall, the State Farm Steer Clear app is relatively easy to use. It has a simple user interface and dashboards to track progress toward module completions and driving goals.

What factors determine your insurance premium?

Some factors that may affect your auto insurance premiums are your car, your driving habits, demographic factors and the coverages, limits and deductibles you choose These factors may include things such as your age, anti-theft features in your car and your driving record.

What does the drive safe beacon do?

Once attached the vehicle, the beacon is paired with an app on your phone, which must have working location/GPS, camera, and Bluetooth features in order to be compatible. The app and beacon together collect your driving data when you are in your car and trips are recorded automatically.

Do different State Farm agents offer different rates?

Because of the complexity of the products, most states prohibit insurance companies from negotiating rates on a customer-by-customer basis Rates are set based on classes of underwriting risk, so two agents at the same company quoting rates for the same policy at the same time will wind up with the same premium.