What Does PHCS Stand For In Insurance?

private healthcare systems (PHCS) is a health insurance company that offers millions of members across the country coverage for medical and behavioral health care.

Is PHCS the same as MultiPlan?

Is PHCS or MultiPlan my health plan? No. The PHCS and multiplan networks are networks of medical doctors and facilities that health plans use in order to provide a broader choice of healthcare providers offering discounted services to their members.

Is PHCS a legitimate insurance company?

To conclude, PHCS is a large and well-established company that offers a wide range of plans and coverage options. PHCS has strong financial ratings from A.M. Best and Standard & Poor’s. However, some customers have complained about customer service and billing issues.

What does PHCS practitioner only mean?

The PHCS Practitioner Only network gives you access to a network of physicians , and you will pay the lowest rates when you use these in-network physicians. You are also covered when you go to a non-network provider.

Who owns PHCS network?

(PHCS) today announced that MultiPlan will acquire PHCS, creating the industry’s most comprehensive medical cost management provider.

When did MultiPlan acquired PHCS?

2006 : MultiPlan acquired by Carlyle Group for $1 billion. 2006: MultiPlan acquires PHCS, the largest primary care network in the US.

What type of company is MultiPlan?

MultiPlan, Inc. provides healthcare cost management solutions The Company specializes in providing claim cost management solutions for controlling the financial risks associated with medical bills.

What’s the largest ppo network in America?

The MultiPlan PHCS network is the nation’s largest and most comprehensive independent PPO network. This network offers access in all states and includes more than 700,000 healthcare professionals, 4,500 hospitals and 70,000 ancillary care facilities.

What is PPO insurance?

A type of health plan that contracts with medical providers, such as hospitals and doctors, to create a network of participating providers You pay less if you use providers that belong to the plan’s network.

What is the largest and oldest PPO network in America?

MultiPlan is the nation’s oldest and largest independent Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) network offering nationwide access to more than 4,200 hospitals, 90,000 ancillary care facilities and 450,000 physicians and specialists.

Who owns MultiPlan Inc?

MultiPlan is a trusted partner to over 700 healthcare payers in the commercial health, dental, government and property and casualty markets, and saves these companies approximately $19 billion annually. MultiPlan is owned by Hellman & Friedman and other investors For more information, visit multiplan.com.

Is MultiPlan a GPA?

Administrators (GPA)has joined forces with MultiPlan, Inc. to bring you the PHCS Network for practitioners and ancillaries only (i.e., no hospitals).

How do I cancel my MultiPlan insurance?

Termination. How can I terminate my participation in the PHCS Network and/or the MultiPlan Network? Submit your request on letterhead with the contract holder’s signature via fax at 781-487-8273, via email at [email protected] or via mail to MultiPlan, Attn: Registrar, 16 Crosby Drive, Bedford, MA 01730.

What does the company MultiPlan do?

MultiPlan uses technology-enabled provider network, negotiation, claim pricing and payment accuracy services as building blocks for medical payors to customize the healthcare cost management programs that work best for them We believe there is no such thing as a standard cost management approach.

What are wrap networks in healthcare?

Wraparound coverage consists of limited benefits provided through a group health plan that wrap around either eligible individual health insurance or coverage under a multistate plan.

What is Jericho share health insurance?

The ministry formed in 2021 when House of Prayer and Life Inc., a half-century-old Christian congregation, assumed the name Jericho Share, according to Texas business filings. Health care sharing ministries are faith-based organizations whose members agree to share medical expenses.