What Is The 1 800 Number For Asurion?

Call us at 888-881-2622 and we’re happy to help.

How do I speak to a human at Asurion?

Asurion Customer Care: 1-888-562-8662 To talk to a live representative, dial 1 after the number and stay on the line The typical wait time is between 1 to 5 minutes.

How do I contact verizon asurion?

  1. File a claim on Asurion’s website.
  2. Call Asurion at (888) 881-2622.
  3. File a claim through the My Verizon app: Tap the Menu icon in the top left corner. tap devices. Scroll to the device that is lost, stolen or damaged and tap Manage device.

Is Asurion and Verizon the same company?

As it turns out, Verizon isn’t even providing the coverage; it is marketing and reselling insurance from a low-profile Nashville, tennessee-based company called Asurion (Opens in a new window).

How do I call Asurion from AT&T?

To file a claim online, go to www.phoneclaim.com/att, or call Asurion Customer Care at 1-888-562-8662 Hours of operation are: Mon – Fri 8am – 10pm EST; Sat – Sun 9am – 9pm EST.

How do I get a free replacement phone from Asurion?

To file a warranty claim with Asurion via phone, call (888) 881-2622 Describe the issue you’re having with your phone and request a phone replacement if you wish.

How do I contact Assurant?

Welcome to Assurant Insurance Center. 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. ET. claims customer service: Speak to a live representative to report a new claim 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 1.800. 358.0600.

How do I make an Asurion claim from Verizon?

Repairs are performed by an Asurion-certified technician and come with a 12-month warranty. Visit phoneclaim.com/verizon to check current device eligibility Eligibility determined at time of insurance claim approval. This benefit is provided by Wireless Phone Protection.

Who is Asurion Wireless?

Asurion, LLC is a privately held company based in Nashville, Tennessee, that provides insurance for smartphones, tablets, consumer electronics, appliances, satellite receivers and jewelry In 2014, the company operated in 14 countries and had 49 offices with 19,000 employees serving 280 million consumers.

Are Asurion replacement phones new?

KEY TAKEAWAYS: Asurion sends out replacement phones that have often been professionally refurbished These phones often include a specific branding of “Refurbished by Asurion” or “Remanufactured by Asurion.” Be sure to mail back your defective phone once you have received the replacement unit.

Is Asurion owned by AT&T?

Asurion is what it is. It is not owned by ATT or another carrier.

Who is Asurion owned by?

Asurion is indirectly owned by NewAsurion Corp , whose ownership includes Madison Dearborn Partners, Providence Equity Partners, Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe, Berkshire Partners, the Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board and company management, according to a July 22 Moody’s Investors Service report.

Is Asurion Verizon legit?

It’s not a scam It’s just a product priced to provide a service, while still making a profit.

Does Asurion have 24 hour customer service?

We’ll connect you with the right person. Our experts are here and ready to help, Monday–Saturday, 8am–6pm CT.

How do I get a human at AT&T?

  1. Call AT&T’s service number at 1-800-331-0500.
  2. When the automated system alerts you that your call may be recorded, press zero
  3. You’ll be asked if you’re calling from the phone number associated with your account
  4. The automated system will ask what service you’re calling about.

What is mobile insurance premium on AT&T bill?

AT&T Mobile Insurance Monthly Charge: $8.99/month per mobile number enrolled Billing Monthly charges and applicable deductible billed to your monthly wireless bill. Monthly charges include fees paid to AT&T and Asurion.

How long does it take to get replacement phone from Asurion?

We’ll fix your broken device or send you a replacement as soon as the same day All you need to do is file a claim, either online or over the phone.

How do I activate my Asurion replacement phone Verizon?

  1. insert the battery.
  2. replace the battery cover.
  3. charge the phone.
  4. turn it on.

What does Asurion cover with Verizon?

Coverage for loss, theft and damage (including water damage) As soon as next-day device replacement Unlimited cracked screen repair for select smartphones, fixed fast for only $29 for each approved cracked screen repair claim.