Who Is Compare The Market Owned By?

Compare the Market is part of bgl group , which also owns Les Furets.com, a comparison site serving customers in France.

Is Compare the Market a russian company?

A CompareTheMarket spokesperson said: “The comparethemarket meerkats are fictional characters. They have no association with Russia and the current situation.

Who owns Compare the Market in Australia?

IHA Group owns Compare the Market Pty Ltd, which offers comparisons for a range of insurance, energy, and financial products and services through its website ‘www.comparethemarket.com.au’.

Is Compare the Market a British company?

comparethemarket.com is a UK price comparison website , founded in 2006, that is part of the BGL Group. The website also offers other on-line companies the ability to provide their customers with a co-branded or white labelled comparison service.

Is Compare the Market an Australian company?

Comparethemarket.com.au is an Australian price comparison website operated by Compare the Market Pty Ltd It offers a service for customers to compare a range of general insurance, health insurance, life insurance, energy and personal finance products.

Are Sergei and Alexander a couple?

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Who is Sergei meerkat?

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Where is Compare the Market from?

Details. comparethemarket.com is a car insurance comparison service based in the UK Users fill in one form and compare a range of car insurance prices to give you some of the best quotes on the market from our range of providers. available for other financial services products such as mortgages, credit cards and loans.

Does Compare the Market get commission?

How do you make money? If you decide to buy a product through us, Compare the Market may receive a commission This commission is paid by the brands, and there is no extra cost to you.

Has Compare the Market been sold?

TUNBRIDGE Wells and Sevenoaks based Markerstudy, one of the area’s leading employers, has announced a £400million takeover of the insurance arm of the group behind Comparethemarket.com.

How many customers does Compare the Market have?

Compare the Market experienced growth in car, home and breadth products during the year while its customers increased from 6.5 million to 7.3 million.

How many employees does Compare the Market have?

Diversity & Inclusion at Compare The Market We’re a team of over 700 colleagues with unique skills, cultures and backgrounds.

Who owns PD?

Progressive Direct Insurance Company , the Australian subsidiary of The Progressive Corporation, announced that they had entered into a definitive agreement with Hollard with the transfer expected to be completed by the fourth quarter of 2017.

Who owns Eric Insurance?

Avea Insurance has acquired IAG-owned Swann Insurance’s distribution rights for franchise motor dealers, and will rebrand as Eric Insurance from July 1.

Is iSelect independent?

iSelect is listed on the stock exchange and doesn’t own any of the insurance brands it compares.